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You would want to keep your hair healthy and radiant, don’t you? And what is the first step you take to achieve that? Wash your hair on a daily basis? We are in a constantly polluted environment, and regularly washing our hair might seem the best option to keep it healthy.

But then, is washing hair daily a healthy practice? Would it affect the hair? This post has all the answers! Read on to know!

So How Harmful Is It?

There is actually no harm if you wash your hair regularly. In fact, if you have been doing a few chores every day, you should definitely make it a point to rinse those tresses before going to sleep. Here are a few activities that require you to wash your hair:
  1. Exercises or any physical activity that make your scalp and hair sweaty
  2. Using gels and waxes which often lead to hair loss
  3. Using cosmetics and other hair products that have a negative effect on the hair.

A Few Reasons For Regular Hair Wash:

1. Sweaty Head:

When you work out, you automatically begin to sweat. The first place you sweat is your scalp and hair and according to doctors, it isn’t wise to leave your hair unwashed. Sweat contains lactic acid that leads to hair loss (1). It contains DHT that is basically a sex hormone that causes calcification in the scalp and prevents the flow of blood in your follicles (2). In case you are a victim of severe hair fall, you can learn ways in which the hair can be calcified.

2. Using Cosmetics:

If you are a stage performer or a party lover or whatever may your reason be, and you love to add a little gel to your hair or other hair cosmetics, please make it a point to wash your hair before going to sleep. The thing with hair cosmetics and gels is that they gently seep into your scalp while sleeping and block the skin pores (3). Also, it is advisable to stay away from too many cosmetics. Try to keep things natural. It always works. Your hair can look fabulous without cosmetics too.

3. Scalp Sebum:

There are many people who have complained about their hair getting too greasy throughout the day. You can wash your hair just once a day in order to keep the hair clean and free from grease. Sebum is the natural oil which is secreted from the skin. It can damage the hair significantly if it stays for a long time on your scalp. High levels of sebum could also mean that the liver doesn’t have enough co-enzymes.

Is It Good To Wash Hair Daily?

If you go through any of the conditions suggested above, you should wash your hair every day. Just be careful not to use shampoo and conditioners all the time. It is definitely not advisable to use shampoos. They contain chemicals, and constant application can cause great harm. You can simply wash your hair with cold water daily and make sure you use a good serum to keep the tresses smooth and soft. It always works.

Mistakes Women Make While Washing Hair:

1. Two Timing Your Shampoo:

Now we all know how much ladies enjoy experimenting with new products. When it comes to shampoos, they jump at the sight of the good ones. And this is when they start using two different shampoos at one go. Yes, your hair will not be able to differentiate between products but that doesn’t mean you can use whatever looks appealing. Find a shampoo that suits you best and stick to it.

2. Taking Hot Showers:

Taking hot showers is bad for the hair. It makes your tresses coarse and unattractive. It steals all the moisture and makes your hair unkempt and frizzy. Cold water is always advisable for showers. In fact, you can mix some apple cider vinegar with cold water and rinse your hair using it. Vinegar is a great exfoliator that will remove dandruff and makes your hair soft and smooth.

3. Not Using Hair Masks:

Another huge mistake women make is not using hair masks. Hair masks are great for your hairand certainly a must. You should use at least one hair mask twice a week in order to protect your hair from damage and keep it beautiful. Also, remember to wash your hair really well when you are removing the hair mask. You don’t want leftovers sticking on your hair, do you?

4. Skipping The Conditioner:

The final mistake women make while hair wash is skipping the conditioner altogether. The conditioner was made to be used and not to be missed out on. It is necessary for beautiful and thick hair, and this is definitely something you should use while washing your hair. Just remember that the conditioner needs to sit five minutes on your hair before you rinse it.

Following these little tweaks will add more glamor to your hair and help you keep them manageable!
This brings us to the end of the post. We hope all of you have enjoyed reading it. If there are questions you have in mind or something you would like to share, please a comment in the box below. Your ideas are always appreciated by us!
Till then, take good care of your hair and don’t forget to stay stylish!

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