The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Lose Weight

You want to look fit and fantastic, but you’re too busy for the complicated exercise routines. I’ve heard my friends grumble about fitness a zillion times too. Ah, there’re busy too! It’s a wonder how convincingly a lazy girl can find excuses in her life to avoid workouts.
Having observed this affliction firsthand, I’ve looked around and discovered a few simple ways the quintessential lazy girl can get fit. Have a look.

Too Lazy To Workout:

I get that. You barely want to get out of bed in the morning, forget about dressing up for strenuous cardio and pilates. The gym seems to be located on another planet you don’t belong to.
Relax! Stay right where you are in your PJ’s. You can still get fit without even getting out of bed. Later, we can get you to make the tiniest of changes in your day. These tips are assured to satisfy the lazy girl in you. Here we go.

1. I’m Attached To My Bed:

I’m Attached To My Bed

Ok, let’s make a deal. You don’t have to move your head, but try moving your legs. This is the toughest part, and it will only get easier from here.
  1. Just lift both legs and swing them from one side to the other. There, you have one exercise.
  2. Next, cycle with your legs midair. You will target major lower body muscles here.
  3. If you’re too comfortable lying on your tummy, lift both hands and legs and make a superwoman pose for a few seconds.

2. How About A Couple Of Lunges Before The Bath Warms?:

Workouts, I found, are best when finished in the mornings, so you’re free of them. They are also most effective when done intensely for short durations.
Include a few intense squats, lunges, and high jumps as you wait for your bath water to warm up or your morning coffee to boil. Maximize your time.

3. Take A Walk To Work, At Least Try:

Getting to work is an eternal rush. Understandable. Despite the ‘busy’ schedule, take a walk when possible, and if you are in a bus or train, stand and move constantly (1). It will do wonders for your fitness. And yes, please do take the stairs for once.

4. A Personal Trainer Can Knock Some Sense:

Yes, yes, you don’t want to workout ever! You don’t have the cash reserves either. The trick is, if you hire a personal trainer, her incessant reminders and monthly bills will one day exasperate you enough to start working out. You won’t need a gym either.

5. Guzzle Up Bottles Of Water Like You’ve Exercised Anyway:

We all know a lazy ass when we see one. I’m pretty sure you’ve skipped step 2 and 3, which is why a water diet will come to your rescue. Drink plenty of water to help your body flush toxins and increase overall functioning. Slowly, you will lose excess water weight from bloating, reducing weight.

6. It’s TV Time, The Best Part Of The Day:

It’s also the most unproductive part of the day that you can maximize to your benefit. Girl, settle in with a long movie marathon. You never need to get off your comfy couch. Just move your limbs during breaks.
  1. Have two dumbbells beside you and jam in a few bicep curls
  2. Raise your butt and perform a bridge pose
  3. Get on your feet and elbows for a plank pose
  4. Crunch your abs 6 to 8 times before the show continues

7. Not Too Lazy For A Selfie, Yeah?:

We need them to motivate us to do better each day. If not today, then tomorrow you will surely workout. Just observe how great your selfie looks, or not.
There’s another way, buy yourself a few cool dresses and check how you fit in them every day. Take a selfie too, won’t you? One day, you will have the perfect picture.

8. Take Your Date To A Dance:

Two left feet? No matter how badly you want your feet to be tied up, the idea is to socialize and combine fitness into a fun package. So, move those hips.
You can also go rollerblading or skiing. Just a thought!

9. Better Look Away From The Junk Food:

One of the fail-proof mantras of staying fit is to avoid the fattening junk food. Stay away from sugary beverages too.
The principle behind this lies in the fact that you do not need to workout that much when you eat healthy. Make healthy food choices, particularly those that promote weight loss.

10. Sleep The Weight Away:

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? A bed calls out to a lazy girl like a long separated sweetheart. Good news for you! Sleeping can lose some weight for you (2), (3). We need a good 6-8 hours of shut eye for optimal body functioning and to beat stress (which contribute to weight gain). Snooze away to glory.
Are these easy enough for the lazy girl in you? Try and find out for yourself. Do tell me all about your experiences, please share your thoughts below.

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